SILANFA – who we are and what we do

SILANFA web platform book artists and musicians for events, bar, restaurant, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals

What is SILANFA?

Book holidays online? Of course!

Shopping for clothing, furniture and technology on your screen? No problem!

Food & Beverage or event managers, who are responsible for the programme in event locations, hotels, restaurants, bars, culture halls etc., have so far only been able to get hold of new artists through “hearsay”. With the web platform from SILANFA GmbH, this hearsay has been put to an end and the F&B managers, HR managers and event organizers can now make informed decisions. SILANFA offers not only a platform for finding new artists, but also a very simple way to book them immediately and 24/7.

What are the costs? offers smart tools to simplify the daily work of F&B managers – and in compliance with the local regulations.

After free registration, each artist is booked with just one contract, including social security contributions, fees, etc. The price and general conditions, however, are entirely up to the organizers and artists.

In fact, the F&B managers, HR managers or event managers define the costs by placing an offer. Smart supports and filters allows for fast evaluation of the best match of skill set and repertoire per artist.

Oh, a new software - that's gonna be complex!

Actually, no and no… SILANFA’s platform is web-based and thus, does not require any installation or IT-deparment involvement. The sign-up and booking are reduced to the vital, minimally necessary steps, decomplexing the process as far as possible.

The booking of musicians is transformed from a complex and time-consuming procedure with agents to a convenient activity that can be carried out at any time of day or night. The system offers many conveniences, such as emergency solutions in case an artist has cancelled, attractive discounts for frequent clients, intelligent data analysis to determine customer requirements, etc. SILANFA supports with digital marketing tools to promote live music and identify new connections. In addition, for venues without their own musical instruments, there is a package option where a grand piano including transport, maintenance and insurance is included together with the live musician at an attractive monthly rate.

Ok, digital, but what about the Quality?

To ensure that an organizer does not have to experiment with the quality of the musician, the musicians can be listened to, the repertoire can be viewed and references from previous venues or training courses can be studied.

With this, nothing is let to surprises when booking an artist or your next bar pianist.

SILANFA is the most advanced and transparent web platform to book artists and musicians. Not yet a client? No problem, just sign-up for free and start reducing your administrative workload to a minimum.