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SILANFA is a digital musician agent and thus, does not employ musicians. Employment for musicians is with the event organizer, for which SILANFA acts as external payroller.

For any request to musicians, the musician has exclusivity on the order for a certain period of time. After the period, the musician shares the exclusivity with another musician before requesting from a wider pool of musicians.

Requests for work orders will only be sent if the expertise, price, location range and availability match the order request and the hotel has selected the specific musician. By updating your expertise, the price, the location range and the availability, the chances of a request change and might position you as a musician at the top.

We do not use any algorithm but rather filters to funnel musicians to specific requests. The funnel uses the parameters of availability, location range, skill set and price to filter for suitable musicians. Changeing these parameters will affect the listing of the musician dramatically. One exception to the filtering exists, which is the favorite list of the booking hospitality business. Favorite musicians always appear on top of the list.

Normally, the equipment is available at the venue. In cases, where own equipment is favorised, please refer first to SILANFA whether own equipment is allowed.