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Large pool of customers

Safe and regular renumeration

Bonus system

Easily explained

Unprecedented large pool of customers

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Recurring bookings via SILANFA

Our unprecedented and exceptionally large pool of customers and their regular booking make SILANFA very attractive to musicians. Whether you are looking for regular or just occasional concerts, there are no strings attached.

SAFE AND regular payment


Fairness is one of our top priorities and that is why we believe in timely payment. On monthly schedule, we transfer all payments safely and directly to your bank account.

Secure and timely payment

Payment is executed after the concert has been given and is transfered directly to your bank account. We further take care of your future and pay into social security and towards your pension plan (if applicable).





bonus system


Fairness is one of our top priorities and that is why we believe in timely payment. On monthly schedule, we transfer all payments safely and directly to your bank account.

Learn more about the bonus system here.

Not clear how we advertise you on SILANFA?

Your skills - your gold

We believe that visibility is the foremost importance to musicians. Therefore, we advertise your skill set, your repertiore and your experience in a clear and simple way to attract customers.

Quality is our highest good. That is why we are making it clear to customers  which skills are exeptional.

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silanfa verified quality logo
silanfa verified quality logo

In audits, we verify the specified skillset and display it in an easy and recognisable way to our customers.

So, the profile of the musician gets the due attention.

One contract for all concerts


SILANFA is currently active in the following countries:

– Switzerland

Coming soon:

– European countries

With the hospitality industry, SILANFA refers to all establishments that have an accomodation, restoration and / or catering business. These can be for example, hotels, bars, restaurants, cruise ships, nursing homes, airports, and many more.

Within a few days after the fulfillment of the work order, the remuneration will be paid to the specified bank account.

The order can be canceled anytime before the order’s deadline, and with  a penalty depending on the short-term nature of the cancellation (see cancellation policy). Of course, there are no penalties in case of illness (with medical certificate). SILANFA will assist to its best knowledge with the organization of a replacement.

SILANFA stays in for fair and honest work conditions based on correct information to the customers and the hospitality industry. Therefore, the qualification of each musician is audited and evaluated at different time intervals to depict a validated skill set to the customers.

Audits are done by SILANFA experts at no costs for the musician.

Simple answer – no. We will not block or restain you from accomplishing work orders under SILANFA if the audit turns out to be below than you have expected. The purpose of the audit is to validate the skill set.

SILANFA’s verified by SILANFA signifies a SILANFA verified skill. SILANFA shows with this icon to the hospitality industry that the skill is valid, true and verified.

Obviously, that should be you. In your profile, you specify the desired minimum remuneration as a hourly rate. This can be adopted at any time by yourself.

Social security deduction is only applicable to freelance musicians. By law, the concert organizer needs to pay social security above a specific limit of annual remuneration. In the case the limit is not reached by end of the year, the social security deductions are reimbursed to the musician’s bank account.

Indeed you are. We insure you on default for occupational and non-occupational accidents. In the case you do not qualify for non-occupational accident insurance, we will reimburse the deductions by end of the year.

In the case that you have proven by letter from the social security office that you are self-employed, no deductions for social security, occupational and non-occupational accident will be made. These deductions will have to be made by you to your social security authority and insurance agency.