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Quality is our highest good. That’s why our musician service to hotels publishes the quality of the musicians in a transparent and easy to understand way. Our quality control of the musicians is not only valid for the hard facts, such as skills and genres, but also for the sales-promoting properties.

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silanfa verified quality logo

With audits, we verify the specified skillset and display it, easily understandable. So you can see at a glance which skills are verified.


Ever wondered what the real benefit of using SILANFA is? Thanks to the high automation, we are able to cut unnecessary costs for administrative work.

See a sample calculation to understand the high impact on your next booking.

The lucrative discount structure for the musician service pays off. The more musicians are booked, the more is earned.





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SILANFA is a B2B platform for the hospitality industry to easily book musicians – simple, any time, digital. We understand our customers as being businesses offering services as hotel, restaurant, bar, cruise ships, nursing homes, hospitals, company lobbies, waiting rooms and every additional business interested in offering live-music to their guests.

SILANFA is headquartered in Switzerland and will soon be expanding into other countries. If you are from another country and you are interested in a cooperation, then contact us.

Contractual partner for all services, except specifically designated, is SILANFA GmbH.

Following a personal certification, the musicians are repeatedly tested and audited on various criteria. Thus, we truly understand our musicians’ qualities and can help you tailor your selection perfectly to your needs.

Unfortunately, we cannot give a guarantee on short-term replacement but SILANFA will assit you with all its expertise to find a suitable replacement in due time.

Changes are part of life – if you have to cancel or change a booking, we will accomodate your needs. Please see cancellation policy.

SILANFA agrees to pay social benefits for freelance musicians and holds records of self-employeed musicians paying social security by themselves. At any time, customers are free to demand proof of social benefits payment from SILANFA.

We currently offer monthly invoicing and eBilling to keep the efforts as low as possible. Check back regularly with SILANFA to keep up-to-date on new payment possibilities.

SILANFA uses a proprietary way of connecting to musicians, both digitally and in person. Depending on customers’ needs, recruitment is focussed on specific skills, regions or languages.

SILANFA tries whenever possible to recruit locally or within a commutable range for the musicians.