Service marketing

Simple setup

Transparent monthly installments

Always up-to-date

Easily explained


Effective Marketing

Effective marketing, as we understand it, listens to the voice of the customer. With our fully automated marketing tools, we can deliver specific guest engagement activities and actively listen to guests by receiving their feedback. The service is fully customizable to your needs and your feedback interest.

Automated monthly line-up generation

Jukebox-function for live-musicians

Fully configurable guest feedback forms

Line up

Automated Line-Up Generation

With only a few clicks, your table-top or advertisement line-up for the upcoming month(s) is generated, ready to be sent to the local printing store or print at your premisses. Choose between several different layouts to tailor it to your brand.


Let guests choose the music

Let the guest connect to our live musicians and wish the next special song.

Importance of feedback

Listen to your guests

Our easy to configure guest feedback form lets you collect meaningful feedback for several different areas, such as the live-music, the service and the ambience.


The service contains configurable and single-bookable modules, which are: printable monthly musician line-up in different formats, tailored jukebox function to let guests interact with the live-musician, configurable feedback function to get instant feedback on service, music and ambiente.

As a regular customer, all bookings in our system are listed and can be imported to a printable line-up. Choose from different layouts to fit to your preferences. Your logo, musicians and dates are added automatically, so it is branded to your company.

We currently have a minimum term of service per module of 12 months. After that initial period, the service can be stopped easily by the end of each month.

The service can be booked independently from other packages except the musician. Without bookings over SILANFA, the line-up module cannot be generated. You can book the difference marketing services, whatsoever, independently.

The jukebox function is proprietary to SILANFA and works with most of the mobile devices over a unique code, tailored to your needs. With this, SILANFA can assure that the right playlist per musician is displayed to the guests and songs can be selected from the musicians’ repertoire.

The feedback function is proprietary to SILANFA and works with most mobile devices over a unique code, tailored to your needs. In your admin portal, you can configure pre-set questions and add a voucher or alike as a thank you to the guest. All data accumulated by the feedback service are dispayed in your admin portal in real-time. Advanced data analytics will be possible soon to match with your business data.

The marketing service is compiled only of the marketing modules, which are selectable individually. The musician and the instrument are not included, but strongly recommended as the marketing modules work only with live-music.

We currently offer monthly invoicing and eBilling to keep the efforts as low as possible. Check back regularly with SILANFA to keep up-to-date on new payment possibilities.