Service instrument

Simple monthly installment

Transparent costs

Managed instrument and musician

Easily explained

Tailor-made service

We believe in tailor-made service and so is our instrument service. You can configure the service specifically tailored to your needs, all for simple monthly installments. This eases the pressure on your budget and cash flow as well as reduces your organization’s efforts.

reduced cash-flow issues

minimal organizational efforts

maximal flexibility

simple configuration

Use our expertise

We support you in tailoring the optimal configuration to your needs, facilities, audience and many more.

We take care of :


Choose from a wide range of high-quality music instruments.

Managed music

Piano Transport

We transport your chosen piano to your facility and install it.

Piano Insurance

The piano is insured against risk of destruction, fire, water and burglary.

Piano Tuning

To keep the piano in a constant optimal condition, we take care of piano tuning.

Piano Chair

Piano’s are usually sold without a chair. To accomodate the musician, we include the chair in the service.


Your guest can enjoy high-quality music by our musicians, managed and organized automatically.

Transparent costs

With simple monthly installments and a minimum of 12 months initial duration, the service can be cancelled at any time on a monthly basis.

With this, we are convinced to offer a fair and transparent service with as little strings attached as possible.

Transparent monthly invoice

Accurate budgeting possible

Possibility of tax reduction


The service contains the piano rent or leasing, the transport and installation, the piano insurance, the piano tuning, the piano chair and the musician playing live based on the package configuration ordered.

Currently, musicians are restricted to SILANFA musicians bookable via the online platform.

We exclusively work with Yamaha pianos and are able to offer the entire range of Yamaha pianos and grand pianos.

As the pianos demand very well trained and specifically educated personnel, only few SILANFA experts are able to tune the pianos.

Depending on the situation at the facility and the location of the piano, a piano is tuned 2 to 3 times a year. The tuning takes place during approximately 2 hours, during which no concerts can be given.

SILANFA owns the pianos throughout the entire service time. Depending on the financial model, i.e. renting or leasing, the piano is tax deductible.

Indeed, you can. We from SILANFA believe that this service should include a proper discussion about the needs and our experts are available for detailed discussions and expert consultancy.

SILANFA is not a music store and thus, SILANFA is not selling pianos.

In the case that a piano or similar instrument is already available, in excellent condition and maintained optimally, this service is not the right choice. You might, in such circumstances refer to the music service from SILANFA.

For the instrument package, we offer an initial contract duration of 12 months in order to lower the transport, installation and insurance costs. Above that period, the contract can be fit to your preferences for a duration.

Cancellation before the initially agreed time period in the contract is not possible unless the outstanding contractual amount, including any interests and costs, is paid at once. In the case of cancellation of a contract, the termination invoice will be sent and the return of the piano will be organized by SILANFA and communicated to the customer.

We currently offer monthly invoicing and eBilling to keep the efforts as low as possible. Check back regularly with SILANFA to keep up-to-date on new payment possibilities.