To know what customers want

SILANFA feedback tool

Do you know what your customers want?

With today’s countless entertainment possibilities, it is important to have satisfied guests in order not to lose them to another offer. An unsatisfied guest can continue his negative experience with up to 10 people on average. The disappointed or even angry guests mostly avoid the restaurant permanently and therefore often do not become regular customers.

A satisfied guest, on the other hand, brings an average of 3 new customers. Satisfied customers can quickly become welcomed regulars, which is very interesting for any company.

From a commercial point of view, winning new customers costs much more money (advertising, promotions, etc.) than keeping a regular customer and moreover, returning guests bring more sales. Therefore, it is very important that your guests feel comfortable.

What is important that a guest feels comfortable?


The highest good in gastronomy is cleanliness and this must be scrupulously adhered to.

Unfortunately, customers are often surprised by sticky stains on tables or dusty corners. It is understandable that a cool drink or a lovingly prepared meal becomes a nightmare.


Another point is attention, which can lead to big changes even with small gestures. Are the guests greeted when someone new enters the restaurant or are the guests addressed with a smile? These small but important gestures are also learned by our pianists in regular training sessions. With a friendly smile and a greeting you have already collected many positive points from your guest. But even after the greeting, the guest should not be lost sight of. Get to know the body language and its signals of your customers.


The point quality is a broad term and can be divided into many other subgroups such as quality of drinks, quality of decoration, quality of atmosphere, quality of music and much more.

In the last point, quality of the music, it can be difficult to find out whether the musician on the website or through an agency is good or not. With today’s technology, sound or image recordings are unfortunately often edited, which can falsify the image of the musician’s quality. To counteract this, we check all musicians who register under SILANFA for their quality.

With our quality check, we first review the self-declared information of the musician on our website. In a second step, the pianists are audited by SILANFA experts at regular intervals during live performances. If SILANFA is able to verify the information as well as the quality in the audit, the SILANFA seal of quality is set.

The SILANFA solution

But how can one get feedback on these 3 important points, i.e. cleanliness, attention and quality from the guests in a simply, without much effort and yet purposefully manner?
SILANFA offers a simple solution with the feedback tool. With this tool, you have the opportunity to experience the wishes and suggestions of the guests immediately.

Quickly and easily create the questions that are important to you and add a layout tailored to your company with your logo. In addition, you can choose how you want to compensate your guest for the feedback given. This can be, for example, a discount on the next drink or a voucher for the next visit. At the push of a button you will receive the perfectly displayed flyer or menu card inlay. However, if you have limited space for additional print-outs, simply download the QR code tailored to your needs and print it on your existing menu card. Using this QR code, guests can use their smartphone to go directly to the survey page and give their praise or criticism.

In the SILANFA dashboard, you have access to the feedback tool and the feedback of your guests at any time and can view evaluations with the most modern analysis tools. Among other things, you can compare feedback with sales and derive new causalities.

We look forward to supporting you in increasing your sales.