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Musician interview Irina Grebaus

Interview with Irina Grebaus, Pianist Born in Kazakhstan and educated in Russia, Irina is a born pianist. At the age of 6 years, she convinced her parents to not only become the first musician in her family but also to invest in a grand piano.  Irina’s career This marked Irina’s start into the career as a pianist and musician for which she earned certificates as a concert, organ, and classical… Read More »Musician interview Irina Grebaus
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SILANFA – who we are and what we do

What is SILANFA? Book holidays online? Of course! Shopping for clothing, furniture and technology on your screen? No problem! Food & Beverage or event managers, who are responsible for the programme in event locations, hotels, restaurants, bars, culture halls etc., have so far only been able to get hold of new artists through “hearsay”. With the web platform from SILANFA GmbH, this hearsay has been put to an end and… Read More »SILANFA – who we are and what we do
Escaping teh SUISA jungle with support and explanations by SILANFA

Escaping the SUISA-jungle

You are subject to SUISA fees With any kind of music in your premisses, you are subject to SUISA fees. As they might be called different in other countries, such as GEMA in Germany, the AKM in Austria or the SIAE in Italy, these institutions guarantee a fair royalty payment to the artists for their played songs. In Switzerland, it is irrelevant whether the music is streamed from online services,… Read More »Escaping the SUISA-jungle
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To know what customers want

Do you know what your customers want? With today’s countless entertainment possibilities, it is important to have satisfied guests in order not to lose them to another offer. An unsatisfied guest can continue his negative experience with up to 10 people on average. The disappointed or even angry guests mostly avoid the restaurant permanently and therefore often do not become regular customers. A satisfied guest, on the other hand, brings… Read More »To know what customers want

Benefits in signing-up with SILANFA

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Our promise – high quality at a fair price – The benefits for hotels Hotels in need of quality musicians and bar pianists are best advised signing up with SILANFA and profit from the many benefits. Read on to understand the many benefits SILANFA can offer to the hospitality industry as simple, anytime and digitally available. SILANFA’s offer The benefits for the hospitality industry are: Verified skill-set Lowest administrative load… Read More »Benefits in signing-up with SILANFA


Successful exhibition at IGEHO Basel 2019 SILANFA was at IGEHO Basel from November 16th thru 20th and looks back onto a very successful exhibition. Many thanks to all the visitors and customers and their overwhelming interest in our services. Our services Musician Instrument Marketing We offer a simple, any time available, digital platform to book high quality musicians. With only a single frame contract, all performances of the myriad of… Read More »SILANFA at IGEHO 2019