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Our promise -

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The benefits for hotels

Hotels in need of quality musicians and bar pianists are best advised signing up with SILANFA and profit from the many benefits. Read on to understand the many benefits SILANFA can offer to the hospitality industry as simple, anytime and digitally available.

SILANFA's offer

The benefits for the hospitality industry are:

Skill-set for easy selection

How to choose the best artist for your location? SILANFA has the solution to select only the best fit of musician from the myriad of artists in SILANFA’s database.

Every musician’s skill and experience is verified via¬† SILANFA’s proprietary verification scheme. This verification, together with live-auditions and audits verify that a hotel has booked only the best musician for its needs. SILANFA displayes the verified bar pianists and artists easy recognisable via the SILANFA verification logo.

Look for the sign – SILANFA bold advertises the verified skill-sets of its musicians, a constantly growing community of gifted artists.

silanfa verified quality logo

Lowest administrative load

Administrative work – in the 21st century – should be reduced to the bare minimum. Thanks to SILANFA and its single-contract model, one agreement is used to define all performances. There is no need for a pile of contracts to keep in contact with all the musicians or even hire them. Instead, sign-up with SILANFA which uses the single-contract approach to act as the digital agent of the musicians.

Stay clean -

don't allow illegal work


SILANFA adds one more thing – we take care of the payrolling. With this, the hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, airports or wherever live-music is booked, has not to deal with the details of payrolling. We assure transparent and compliant payrolling according to local laws.

Simple, any time, digital

Our free sing-up allows you to register with SILANFA and book as you go. There are no hidden fees or strings attached.

The best part about it? We are open 24/7 and there is no need to wait on that musician agent to stop by or being available and finally, not having that one musician in its books you desperately need.

Sing-up -

it's free!


You decide how much you offer for to the performer. Yes, you read correctly: tailor-made means you decide on the details in order that it’s a best fit. That instant you place a concert or performance request, you decide on the remuneration.

On top of that, you can choose between a multitude of artists and prioritise to reflect their availability. So, your favorite musician always receives the request first. The request is placed immediately as there is literally no delay and no intermediary, physical agent. But certainly, you don’t have to bother about availability. SILANFA manages the availability of the musicians in the background and asks the next artist in line in case that your priority 1 is unfortunately unavailable. Confirmations are sent that second a musician accepts the request and for transparency, we track all steps in your dashboard.

Don't panic -

fair cancellation terms apply.


We understand fair business by applying transparency to the last corner and providing fair terms to all partners. Our cancellation policy, with unprecedented fair terms, will rest you assured that SILANFA is here to help. Even in the unpleasant case of cancellation.

Rebate system for returning customers

We at SILANFA value loyal customers. Thus, we present an easy to understand rebate system. With this unique-in-the-market feature, we cut our stake to thank our partners and customers to remain with us.

The rebate level is stated at every performance request and in your adminstration dashboard in full transparency to you. With this, you always know not only the level of rebate you are eligible to, but further how many bookings are missing to reach the next level of rebate.


SILANFA GmbH is a B2B platform from musicians for musicians and the hospitality industry. Founded in Switzerland, we live quality and our processes work as and according to Swiss watches. Our gearwheels clock in precisely and reliably everytime , even when we are all at sleep.

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