January 2020

Escaping teh SUISA jungle with support and explanations by SILANFA

Escaping the SUISA-jungle

You are subject to SUISA fees With any kind of music in your premisses, you are subject to SUISA fees. As they might be called different in other countries, such as GEMA in Germany, the AKM in Austria or the SIAE in Italy, these institutions guarantee a fair royalty payment to the artists for their played songs. In Switzerland, it is irrelevant whether the music is streamed from online services,… Read More »Escaping the SUISA-jungle
SILANFA feedback tool

To know what customers want

Do you know what your customers want? With today’s countless entertainment possibilities, it is important to have satisfied guests in order not to lose them to another offer. An unsatisfied guest can continue his negative experience with up to 10 people on average. The disappointed or even angry guests mostly avoid the restaurant permanently and therefore often do not become regular customers. A satisfied guest, on the other hand, brings… Read More »To know what customers want